Photography made simple with the motorola one 5G

While 5G is a major benefit of the recently launched motorola one 5G, the phone does much more than bring you faster data speeds. In fact, as more consumers look for high-quality camera systems that shoot incredible pictures, the motorola one 5G is delivering just that with Motorola’s first dual-selfie camera ever and an outstanding quad-camera system. 

1. shoot incredible pictures in any scenario
The quad-camera system allows you to shoot incredible pictures no matter what the scenario. The 48 MP main sensor comes with Quad Pixel technology meaning every shot will shine even in those low lighting scenarios. The ultra-wide lens is perfect for the moments when you’re trying to fit a large group of people into one frame or take a shot of a large landscape or landmark. This lens fits 4x more into the frame so you never miss a single detail in a larger-than-life shot.

When you want to capture a professional-looking portrait of your best friend or pet, the depth sensor makes everyday photos extraordinary with blurred out backgrounds.